Fresh Insights With Skylights

Letting in natural light through home remodeling projects is becoming more and more popular in San Diego. Skylights are a great option because they open up your room and create the illusion of a bigger space. If you’re looking for a bit of elegance or just a more interesting view when you look up, skylights might be the right option for your home addition or remodeling project.

Matching the pitch on your sloped roof lets you continue the lines embedded on your ceiling. When it rains, the water will run off without pooling on the skylight. Runoff can also be managed by installing a domed skylight.

Optical Illusions
Open up small spaces with skylights. The bathroom and hallway are good examples of how skylights can completely change your perspective. Hidden frames built into the walls can create the illusion that there is nothing but sky overhead. Using mirrors on the walls can make the skylight appear twice as large as it is.

For rooms with gridded windows, matching skylight panels add continuity to the décor. Some manufacturers offer tinted windows and a range of panel types to coordinate with your other window styles.

Green Skylights

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There are several energy-efficient skylight options on the market. Like energy-efficient windows, skylights are available in low-e glass, multiple frames and can be made with quality frame materials. The Energy Star program recognizes eco-friendly products, including skylights, which use green technology and materials while meeting certain quality standards. Skylights receive direct sun and have a greater exposure from indoor versus outdoor temperature differences.

Don’t They Leak?
There are two types of skylights: fixed and vented. Fixed styles are permanently sealed and never open. Vented skylights can be opened manually or with a motorized system. Decades ago, all skylights had a reputation for leaking and causing water damage in roofing systems and attics. While some homeowners are still concerned about leaking skylights, today’s products aren’t prone to leaks and cracks. When installed properly by a qualified remodeler, they come with a warranty and are unlikely to cause roofing or ceiling problems. Like any other window, vented skylights typically only invite water in when they are left open during a rainstorm.

Natural Light
A sunroom or outdoor screened in porch is an ideal place for a skylight. It adds to the feeling of being surrounded by the outdoors without being directly exposed to the elements. For rooms in your home’s interior that don’t have windows, skylights are an option for natural light. Upper level floors can incorporate a ceiling skylight, while lower level floors can have a tube. A tube skylight is usually angled to reach the upper roof to let in natural light.